Super Rush Poppers and PWD the makers of it, who have been around for donkey’s years, have now come out with an even Stronger Rush Poppers formula, Called PWD Super Rush. This one contains Isobutyl and Cyclopentyl Nitrite. PWD only puts out great products and this one is a sure fire winner! Packaging is sleek with just a complete reversal of colors to the original Rush Poppers except more striking with being red!

PWD Super Rush Poppers are definitely a step up from the Original Rush poppers (but still try the original they are well worth the try, and for good reason). The aroma on these Super Rush Poppers isn’t overpowering and there isn’t really a specific aroma to describe it, just not obnoxious by any means. Also the duration of the effects are somewhat longer on this one than the original Rush poppers. That right there is the main big plus and also going to save you some cash in the long run.

So that’s the low down on the Brand NEW PWD Super Rush Poppers. These things are popular, distinct and a tried and true favorite to some.

PWD® - Popper SUPER RUSH Original 30ml

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