PWD Gold Rush Poppers is the Newest poppers to the PWD Brand. PWD have been around for literally donkey’s years, and true to there ingenuity and inventiveness, they have now come out with an even more potent Rush Poppers formula, Called PWD Gold Rush.   This one contains Isobutyl Nitrite but in a purer cleaner stronger form.  PWD only puts out great products and this one is a sure fire winner!  Their packaging is always simple yet slick and with a name like “Gold Rush” we are sure it is going to be a lot of peoples favorite for sure.

PWD Gold Rush Poppers small bottle is strong, long lasting and by all accounts works twice as much as regular Rush. Gold Rush gives you a premier first-rate lust, which lets your fantasies turn into reality!

PWD® - Popper GOLD RUSH Original 30ml

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