PWD® - Popper HELL FIRE - 10ml comes packaged in a sleek racing black and red bottle, complete with flames, just the anticipation of what’s inside is almost enough!

Hell Fire Poppers pack a serious punch, along the lines of Hardware Poppers or Quicksilver Poppers. They also have a nice, not completely overpowering aroma, and a decent duration to them. We definitely recommend checking this one out!

So here’s the skinny on the NEW Hell Fire Poppers. Again, these come hot off the assembly line and they are flying off the shelves. The guys we get these from have an awesome range of ORIGINAL products, killer prices and an incredible record of returning happy customers. If you’re looking fo a ‘sure fire favorite’ poppers that you can get for super great value and price, this is definitely one to check out.

PWD® - Popper HELL FIRE - 10ml

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